Monday, July 10, 2006

Australia Won the World Cup!!!

Haha!! Take that stupid diving Italians!! We Won!!
Mim and I were talking after the cup final 2nite and worked out that Australia actually won the world cup. We developed a formula that works like this:
-Italy won the World cup, therefore Italy is the "best" team in the competition.
-Italy cheated to beat Australia (refer to the blatant dive in the penalty area 10second before the match was to go to extra time)
-If Italy had not cheated; Australi would have won.
-Australia then has beaten the winners of the World Cup.
-Therfore... Australia won the World Cup!!!
We will be submitting our theory to FIFA come Monday and preparing to accept their appollogies.

The Cup Final was a bit of an uninteresting affair after the first 20mins or so until the penalties at the end. Nobody seemed very interested in supporting either side with any kind of gusto other than a vague interest from the contingent from Oz who wanted to see the stupid diving Italians get what was coming to them, many thanks and much praise to Zinedine Zidane delivered "what was coming" to Marco Matterazzi on our behalf.

*Zidane is on the right, the Italian is appealing for some sort of foul after a 3 out of 10 dive

In the Half time break we went out for a kick around and most of us didn't go back in until about a minute before the end of extra time to watch the penalty shoot out. The game outside was of a much higher quality with some brilliant touches and balls, I scored about 5 goals and put a great ball onto Andy's head which he didn't see until it hit him and went in!! (don't get too woried about his head, he's the bloke that gave me concussion, using his head, I suspect he has a metal plate in there somewhere) There were also some near misses and lucky escapes for the boys. We play on a patch of grass that I suspect is not meant to serve any other purpose than look nice and is half surrounded by houses. For some reason we always put the goals directly in front of this house that has more glass in the front than a Cathedral would have in all it's stained glass windows. By some miracle we are yet to smash a window despite several good shots that missed by bare milimetres including one shot from a young guy, who seems only to be able to hit the ball as hard and high as he can in the direction of the goal once he has posession, that bounced off the sill and across the window face!! Despite our efforts the windows remain unbroken and I have not yet had to explain to various bodies of authorities why exactly we chose to place the goal posts where we did.
All in all a great world cup final day!!


Peter said...

A very well worked out theory Zac, please keep us informed on FIFAs reaction to it.

If it's a kilt you need a sporan.

M.E Ellis said...

LOL @ playing sons do that at half time, run into the garden to play, shouting 'Is the game back on yet?' every so often.

I must admit, the final didn't bother me much. I blogged and generally dicked about in the 'net while it was on, though I did see that bloke nut the other bloke in the chest.

I enjoyed the semi finals better, think it was the one where Germany played.


Jacqui said...

Hi Zac,
I must say I like the look of the trimmed dreads. Also think your World Cup theory is quite sound, and hope for a positive response from FIFA.
hugs nana

Marcus said...

Despite having been burned by Grandpa for my typo I can't overlook the whole in your world cup theory.

You'll be waiting an awfully long time for an appollogy from FIFA. Suggest you lower expectations and settle for an apology instead.

Other than that it looks quite reasonable.

If you are successful I'll send some preliminary notes and video footage proving that Geelong really won the 1967 Grand Final V Richmond for you and MIM to work your magic on.

jayne said...

i love the theory!especially as i spent the weekend in italy and some soundrel pickpocketed me and stole my wallet!!!so obviously all italians are divers and thieves!

ps.thanks for the agassi comment

Merle said...

Hi Zac ~~ Glad you enjoyed the Baseball
story. It is a good joke. Don't like your chances with FIFA but good luck.
Cheers, Merle.

Peter said...

Hi Zac, check out the new kid in town at;