Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Move

I'm moving out for a couple of weeks. The family I live with have two sons away at uni but it being the summer hollidays they are both home for a while and that makes the house rather cramped. So I'm shifting down the road to a mates place for two weeks, should be good fun!!
I tell you what: if I ever have to move back to Australia I'm in trouble. I just packed up my gear for a two week stintand have left some in storage here and there is a lot of it!! I don't have any idea how I managed to bring it all!! I started off only coming here for 6 weeks and must have brought enough junk to last me 6 years!!

More posts on the Schweiz Trip to come...


jayne said...

i was the same while in oz - soooo much stuff!i had to ship half of it home and leave heaps behind!i never worked out how i managed to accumulate so much!

M.E Ellis said...

Isn't it always the way! You don't realise what you've accumilated until it's time to move.

Hope your stay at your mates is fun!


Peter said...

Go back and look at that photo at Noosa with all the gear Zac, you'll manage.

Marcus said...

The rule of thumb for packing is get everything together you think you need then pack half of it.

The law of accumulation is a universal and unbreakable law wherein human beings gather matter known as "stuff" wherever they go to fill whatever space surrounds them. Be warned, the effect of this law rises exponentially immediately after marriage, and the accumulation rate converts to warp speed with the addition of children.