Thursday, June 22, 2006

World Cup Thursday

It's 10 to 12 and I just finished watching the second half of the match (if you don't know what match I'm talking about you have issues. No offence, I'm just saying... ;D) Australia drew to go through to round two!!! (Say it 5 times as fast as you can) I was unable to watch the match as I had an important pre-booked meeting for Mosaic, the youth church where I somehow managed to blag my way onto the leadership team, which was really good but sitting in my mind distracting me through some of it was the match and the fact that I wasn't watching it! At the end of the meeting we turned on the TV to see the result, Mim and I decided the tension was too much to take, and AUSTRALIA DREW WITH CROATIA!!
OI!! OI!! OI!!

When I got home I decided I would watch the second half of the match which had been taped for me rather than waiting for the replay of the game starting at 11.45 (meaning I wouldn't get to sleep till 2... meaning I wouldn't be at work 2moro... meaning I would have my ass handed to me... I made the values based decision) My highlight of the match, believe this or not, was a courageous save made by the Croatian Keeper
Pletikosa. There was a cross in to the goal line which Kewell and another Aussie (might have been Viduka) were waiting for and they both went for it as did Pletikosa who caught the ball and Kewells boot on his chest (no malice involved in this, I'd have been ashamed if Kewell had not gone for it but going for it meant the likelyhood of fouling the keeper) and they all went down in a heap right on the line!! Pletikosa managed to hold the ball and actually keep it from crossing the line!! The guts and strength involved were phenomenal and then the players all got up and hugged before moving off, no arguments, just great football and amazing sportsmanship: That's what I like to see!!

*I am also aware that that moment may have been a crushing one for me had Australia lost rather than a highlight.

There was no small amount of drama through the game, Australia were denied a blatant penalty in the last minutes when a Croatian player handballed a cross away from an Australian header and another Croatian player managed to earn himself a record 3 yellow cards before being sent off!! Thankfully it all ended well and now we are through to play Italy in the final 16...
Bring It ON!!!


Peter said...

Hi Zac, I think you will find he got 2 yellows and 1 red AND stayed on if you watch again???

Marcus said...

Can't believe the lack of consideration, scheduling a meeting while Australia were playing in the biggest game in our history! If you're on this so-called leadership team I suggest you do something about their time management.

I too was impressed that the keeper held onto the ball under such pressure, unlike Kalac who dropped a dead sitter for Croatia's second goal!!!
Schwarzer better be playing against Italy!!