Saturday, June 24, 2006


About to go busking in Oxford with Mim.
First knock out round of the World Cup starts this weekend. Church has been rearranged for the England match. There's a good chance Mim and I will go to a screen in Germany on our way back from Switzerland next weekend and watch a match.
Did I mention I'm going to Switzerland and Germany next weekend?
Started reading The Heavenly Man. The story of an underground church leader in China. It's amazing so far and I'm only 5 chapters in!
Movie for this weekend: Fight Club.
I have been trying to make time to watch it for about a month now. Tonight could be the night...


Marcus said...

The Heavenly Man and Fight Club, interesting combination!!

Go for it re Germany, get amongst it and soak it up Zac, it will be fantastic.

Germany were too good for Sweden tonight but the next round will be tougher, they play the winner of Argentina and Mexico.

Hope the poms don't fall over against Ecuador.

Marcus said...

How's the busking going?

The Heir said...

They are playing Argentina but I was cheering for Mexico who were denied a penalty against their captain and were deliberately fouled on a clear run on goal... o well, maybe Germany can take Argentina but I don't know...
Busking was awesome!! I'll post about the day but we made 80 quid!! Thats $200 australian for two hours work!!
I also got Keeping Mum to watch so I might be pushing it there...