Saturday, June 10, 2006

Happy Thirsday

Thursday is proving itself once more to be the focal point of the week in the Posse House. It has recently become the Diploma day for myself and the girls (rachel+maria) previously we had had two half days in which to focus on our diploma's, ie. doing assignments, putting together information for our portfolio's and comppetencies, catching up on much needed sleep and journalling frantically so that we had at least one entry each before we headed into PIT (proffesional integration tutorial) to talk about the week and the work and whatever else came to mind... but we found (unsuprisingly) that we were easily distracted and often spent much of our time doing general work or catching up on emails and friends back in Oz... (if dan happens to be reading this that er, last bit was the girls, nothing to do with me) So it is a huge relief that we now have a whole day to work on emails, friends and sleep, uh... i mean assignments and diploma stuff... (hi dan)

Anyway, Thursday, focal point also plays host to Comm. Tea -once weekly dinner with people from work and some friends- and reasonably often; some good TV shows (v. rare on english TV) It is 1 week since I got back to the UK, about 3 weeks since I have felt well rested and not tired, 5 weeks since I left for Oz and 7 weeks since I stupidly told Ian I would do one of the talks at Mosaic (Youth Church) for him... and as usual I am ahead of schedule in my preparations, which is to say that I have actually remembered I promised to do something, now I just have to remember when I promised to do it and work out how to get out of it...

Yesterday Mim(Simeons nickname for Tim- i love it!) and I set a record for longest supervisors meeting ever, which we ceverly disguised as a game of basketball on one of the most glorious summer day I have seen in England, followed by dinner and a loooooong game of soccer up at Long Crendon. It was good to get a game but it was also incredibly frustrating playing on grass (now that it's summer and stays light till 10!! that's right; 10!!) without studs, made more frustrating by the opposing side who did have studs and did this infuriating little dance on around the ball until we fell over and then they cruised around us into the clear path to the goal!! It was one of the hardest games I have ever played, Mim also had a tough game but went hard and payed dearly for it; he's managed to stretch something that he didnt notice at the time but woke up this morning with a really sore back. I was enjoying teasing him about his whinging until I realised that he was actually hurt (although I don't feel bad at all because I know he would have done pretty much the same thing to me if I was whinging) and I showed him some stretches for it but the only thing that will do anything for it really is time... that or a physio but they're kind of expensive.

I visited the Ken Duncan Website this week and borrowed some of the previews of his photo's. I love the wide panaramic shots that he takes, you get a whole sky line and it seems more like you would see it rather than the square images you get with digital camera's. The humungous advantage of digital camera's being that you can take an inumerable amount of shots and just delete the ones you don't like. But to really get into the quality photography (see above) you pretty much have to go film. Speaking of digital camera's the "new" Fuji (just had an interesting spelling error typing Fuji then) is going well and Danbo has leant me a Teleconversion lens that makes my camera look like a beast, not sure if does anything else but it looks wickid!! And to my dismay I have discovered that the photo's the Fuji takes (I will have to think of a name for it soon, we name everything, yesterday we named Danbo's new car the Surging Sevanna either the Surge or Sev for short) take up about 4 times the amount of memory space on my laptop as the old camera. This would not be a huge issue, especially as it implies the quality of the photo's is heaps better, except that the Tornado (my laptop, see, I told you we name everything) is very possibly the slowest laptop still functioning in the northern hemisphere. I have seen one or two in the Po -southern hemisphere- that were slower but it's a rare thing. So the addition of increased size photo's is double edged and it has taken me 3 days to write this post so far, hence why I am posting Happy Thursday on Saturday afternoon right before Englands World Cup match which I need to run off and watch now but I shall be back with a half time update!!


Anonymous said...

you can probably turn the megapixel count down on the settings of your camera. if you lower the quality of your photos they will take up less space, and you can change to quality back to good when you're taking valuable shots.

Peter said...

That comment beat me in saying under the circumstances,slow puter, you could take pics on a lower setting, good post again Zac.
Did I tell you your opticals are on the way, they are.

Marcus said...

Hi Zac

Do you actually do any work or is it all sport, games, emails, blogging and watching TV? haha

VERY IMPORTANT I was supposed to get Grandpa to keep the invoice from the contacts and send it to us so we could use it for a health insurance reimbursement. So, soon as you get your lenses, please put the invoice in an envelope, mark it urgent in red and send it back to our place. OK?