Saturday, June 10, 2006

World Cup Update (don't read if you haven't seen the game and still plan to)

England 1 - Paraguay 0 (half time)
England scored a great goal 3mins into the match from a free kick; Beckham unloaded a huge curling ball from the left wing about 5metres back from the box which connected with the head of a Paraguay defender on its way to an own goal. The keeper got a finger to it but was never going to stop it, the only real debate will be whether or not the goal is attributed to Beckham or the defender. My personal opinion is that the own goal should stand but the defender is probably more than happy for Beckham to claim it. Other bits of drama so far in the game include the goal keeper for Paraguay injuring himself 6mins in and having to come off- poor bloke was in tears, I hope he'll get a chance to play again in this world cup -and a controvertial ref from Mexico who has given a yellow card to a brilliant piece of defence from Gerrard which was blatantly legal and then ignored a foul that was a definite yellow card offence against Beckham as well as refusing to allow the English physio on the pitch to attend to an injured player and not allowing players to have water on the pitch despite it being 30degrees. He's a little to impressed with himself for my liking so far but my opinions not going to have much of an impact there... lets hope someone in FIFA shares it.

Carlos Gamarra; the unfortunate Paraguay defender who has the dubious honour of having scored Englands first World Cup goal for 2006


Matt said...

hey man thanks for the comment.
you got a nice blog here, i wish i lived in england.
life in america is not all it's cracked up to be.
cty is like a camp during the summer for kids with high IQs who do well on an american standardized tests called the SATS, not sure if they have those in australia or not.
man, i think i've seen you on another blog.
your old man doesn't blog, does he?
for some reason i think i saw your father's blog.
ah well, keep up the blogging.


Marcus said...

interesting three way dialogue we've got happening here Zac. I surfed to Matt's blog on "Next blog" one night, I presume you went there via his comment and profile on Holt Press?
Not for the feint hearted.

Matt said...

yeah, i think it's very cool. you guys both seem like really nice people and have really swell blogs, i look forward to reading both of them.

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Peter said...

Yeaah, go the Socceroos 3 - 1

The Heir said...

3-1 was the score, all three of australias goals came in the last ten minutes!! i will post about the game in a bit, plenty more news on top of that as well...