Monday, June 02, 2008

Going Somewhere... Maybe

I'm investing quite a bit of time into the new site but this is often a fruitless and frustrating exercise. iWeb is very good, but there are a few things you can't change for no explained reason, so I spend quite a bit of time trying to do things which apparently can't be done. I have some choice feedback for Apple next time I run into them. I have plenty of ideas of things to do but whenever I have the time to do it I tend to sleep or get sucked into doing something else or spend fruitless time working on it. Management as ever is the key. I need a secretary. And an office. A whole house with a couple of friends, one of them can be the secretary, and an office, over-looking the beach, with a motorbike thrown in.
A new possible plan has developed in my mind for the first few months of next year. It involves a motorbike and the following cities; Paris, Barcelona, Morroco, Rome, Croatia (not a city, I know), Volos, Athens, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, London. Plus whichever other ones I pass through on the way. A few more months free of responsibility and the chance to do Europe proper!

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