Friday, August 03, 2007


England is in the middle of it's "summer", that phenomenon lasting approximately three days where the temperature creeps into the mid twenties and the rain stops for a brief intermission before we go back to floods [there's supposedly a drought on, I think that more accurately translates as "the english have not realised that you have to actually store the water in order to use it"]. I am enjoying the sun while it lasts and am having a BBQ to celebrate [whoo!] providing that the weather holds til Sunday.
Last couple of weeks have been rather full. Lighthouse and Fiesta made for 14hr days and then the pub was utilised each nite to unwind and chill leaving a grand total of perhaps 5hrs for sleep if you take out washing, showers, eating, shopping and general preparation for the next day [tired doesn't even begin to cover it]. Check the archives from last July to see some of my best work at Fiesta [didn't have a minute to blog this year so the stories are lost to my poor memory and lack of sleep killing the few brain cells that were still functioning].
That'll do for now, some cool pics to post when I get a chance. Big shout to my partners in crime Heth and Andy who both worker harder than I that week and played host to me all week!

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