Sunday, July 22, 2007


It's all done. I finished my last commitment with Fusion yesterday. (Fusion: previously the top secret organisation I worked and studied with who were unnamed as they have a blogging policy, for understandable reasons, that says staff can't mention them by name) I'm not sure if I expected to feel any different, but mostly I still just feel tired. Something not to be helped by Lighthouse and Fiesta next week, though that's mixed because while there's a cost (every bit of energy I have) it is also one of the most amazing weeks ever and I wouldn't trade it for a months worth of sleep! Last nite I celebrated with the Fusion guys, Chinese takeout and Death to Smoochy on DVD! Awesome!


Joshy said...

yay to no more fusion. You are now in another community! Welcome

Marcus said...

Death to Smoochy?

You can't be serious!

The third worst movie in the history of the world!

jenny said...

you can say the name when you leave?!

and i agree with marcus on the movie.

Zaac said...

probly not. i dont really care =]

death to smoochy is awesome... heathens.