Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spot the Difference

A mate posted this link to two photos that have three differences, supposedly only 19 people have ever spotted all three. I've got two so far but the third is eluding me.


Marcus said...

Hahahahahahahaha !!!!!!!
You'll pay for that, sometime when you least expect it!!!

Marcus said...

You've got a fair track record for massacreing the English language Zac, but this is some of your "finest" work: "illulding"!!
Do you perchance mean "eluding"?

Bad Grammar Man Strikes Again

Zaac said...

bad grammar man finds himself in error! i was unsure myself so i checked and illuding carries the secondary meaning: to evade. however, i did think i was searching for a slight variation of the word, hence the dictionary check and eluding was very probably the word.

Marcus said...

Have another look at your original rendering Zac: i l l u l d i n g

Is like Wikipaedia? Where people just add their own words and definitions to suit their own version of history/truth?

Bad Grammar Man

Peter said...

Hi Zac, I am ashamed to say you got me there, have to agree with BGM you'll pay for that.
Speaking of grammar, love veja du.

heth said...

Mean sooo mean Zac actually jumped out of my skin! That whole trust hting just went staright out the window! Lol

Zaac said...
BGM can argue all he likes, the proof is all over the internet, or at least all over the link above!

Zaac said...

however, as you have made a fair point, and as i am full of grace, i have humbly fixed the spelling error. one would think a parent might be proud of their child and of their sucesses rather than crow over their mistakes as tho they were some sort of personal victory. surely such failings in the child reflect failure in the parent?

Marcus said...

You're right on one thing Zac, I'm proud of you, darn proud in fact, but a good parent does not shirk their responsibility to train, correct and discipline.
So, it is with a sense of duty that I must point out to you that you corrected your spelling error........ with a spelling error!!!!!

eluding, the word we have established as being correct, is always has been, and always will be, spelt with one "l"!

When you can snatch the grammar from my hand it is time for you to leave""

Much parental love
Bad Grammar Man

Zaac said...

should quotation marks not sit either side of the quote mr grammar, as opposed to both at the end?

Marcus said...

Correct. Don't know what happened there, a Blogger glitch I presume.

Mr. is written Mr. by the way

Bad Grammar Man

2Peter said...

Sometimes the comments in Holt family blog entries are more entertaining than the entries themselves!!

Just thought this was a point worth alluding to. :-)