Sunday, April 29, 2007


Lack of sleep has ceased to be something to be sought after, at least for a week or two. I am seriously tired. Tis not good. Need a couple of weeks worth of rest I think. Friday was drop in and then Sammie's birthday, which involved a posse up Chinnor Hill til 4am. Had to drag myself up for the Love China festival in Oxford a few hours later, which afforded me a couple of opportunities but also a few frustrations, not least of which was getting stuck in Oxford til 6 and missing the second leg of Sammie's birthday at Wendover Woods. I did order a laptop tho! It's a long and complicated story of frustration and heart ache, which has reasched the crucial moment of what may prove to be a rash decision. However, said rash decision will now innevitably end with a stupidly awesome Macbook in my posession and the first tick off the wish list, so I'm ok with that!

For anyone who has ever sat through a oral presentation of excessive length (anyone who has heard Geoff Blease or Mal Garvin speak about anything probably comes under this category) should go to and look up "prolix" for a good laugh.

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