Thursday, April 26, 2007

Happy Thursday

I decided to ride my bike to work today. By which I mean; I missed the train and had to leg it across three fields, a hedge and a herd of sheep. Mixed day of success and frustration. Feel like I am getting somewhere with my youth work, or more accurately, have got somewhere and am starting to recognise some skills within myself that I wasn't fully aware of. A nice feeling with a double edge as I seem to find these things easier working with the church and much more difficult when working for my top secret employers. Had some good ups with planning drop in, actually managed to produce a risk assessment without becoming catatonic with boredom and frustration, we're allowed outside to play football and all sorts of other fun things (last week saw me staring out the window, shifting from foot to foot like a five year old who's been told he can't go outside to play). The big frustration of the day was that I got paid, which meant that I finally have enough money to buy the mac book I've been saving for, and so went online to check it's still there only to discover that the model I was after has disappeared to be replaced by a better model which costs an unfortunate 170 pounds extra. So annoyed it's untrue. Not sure at all what to do now and I'm desperate for my savings not to melt away as they inevitably seem to do if I don't spend them decisively on the objects of my desire. Curses. Ahh well, thought it was time for a Happy Thursday as we haven't had one of them for a while. Came into Oxford for a friends birthday and now find myself staying at Guybo's as it was a more appealing option than catching a ludicrously expensive bus home tonite. Time for bed says I.


Marcus said...

Nice pic Zac but I thought Guybo was the captain?

Have noted request for assistance (private and public) re new toy, will consult the brains trust, or more accurately the financial advisor and let you know forthwith.
In the meantime,Don't fritter away the savings!
Sophie is saving at an impressive rate, seriously impressive, seems like the penny has dropped so to speak.

Zaac said...

guybo is captain justice, i am the aspiring pirate captain of the posse house. great news about scoph, whats the outlook then? is she within reach of a visit this year?