Monday, March 26, 2007

The Square

This square has a secret fifth side that you can only see if you stare at it for a very very long time.
Leave a comment if you've got it


Andy said...

ha, well happy i'm first to say it. obviously the are actually 6 sides to a square, the four lines and then you have inside and outside.

simple, sorry to spoil it for everyone else and sorry to have to correct you.

Marcus said...

It's not a square.

Zaac said...

its not a perfect square no but for the purpose of the question it will suffice. the answer is not it has six sides either. you're looking for the secret fifth side.

Andy said...

dark side or the light side???

brother jordan said...

there is no fith side. its a scam so while your concentrating on looking for the "fifth" side, the owner of the site is busy hacking into your online bank account and transfering funds

jordan aka
The Duck

Zaac said...

jordy, that is the closest answer to the truth so far, spoiled only by your overactive imagination. ill post the answer in a bit.