Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Answer

High Thanks to Andy Riley for the "five sided square" which is one of the many bits of genius I have extracted from his book. I hope you appreciate the comedy as much as I do.
Haven't been able to sleep the last few nites. Last nite I gave up trying and stayed up til three in the morning before finally finding that I was tired enough to collapse. Unfortunately the inability to sleep disappears the instant I lose consciousness and is replaced with an inability to awaken. My first thought upon waking was "Crap, I owe Dan a pie!!" (we have an ongoing bet about who will get to staff meeting first/on time) Ahhhh well...
Seeing 300 tonite!! Can't wait, gonna be so good!!
Just back from seeing 300 and thought I'd update this. The cinematography and graphics were fantastic. Very violent, as expected but the violence was done in a computer game style that was not real enough to make it hit home but incredible to watch. Fantastic battle scenes. The story was great, absolutely butchered the legend of Thermopylae but that was more or less what I expected anyway and it was done very very well, could have stretched it out over another half hour but it was still satisfying. The style of the movie was surreal. Based on a graphic novel (really big comic) it carried with it some of the typical elements of fantasy that are found in graphic novels aimed at older teenage, lets face it, boys, so there were a couple of nudie bits and plenty of drama. One thing that I noticed that I was a little bit perturbed about was that Xerxes (the Persian king) was referred to as King of Kings, Lord of Hosts and a couple of other titles reserved for God. I understand that the kings and emperors of the ancient world often fashioned themselves as "gods" but I've not seen quite so many biblical titles bestowed upon a character in a film who clearly does not represent God. (the last I remember noting was a song in Tarzan that called him the son of man) This is not something that causes me particular concern, it was just interesting to note. I did thoroughly enjoy 300 but I feel obliged to offer this warning (if it is not obvious already): it is not a girls film, and it is definitely not a film my parents should see. (Jordan will enjoy it a lot tho)
Oh! Almost forgot; it has David Wenham in it who is a legendary Aussie actor (played Faramir in Lord of the Rings) from the series Sea Change, which I would not hesitate to put forward as one of, if not the best australian television series ever.


Andy said...

Sea Change??

right up there with 'The Tribe' and 'Home and Away'

Zaac said...

pah! how little you know of australian television, those pieces of tripe are not worthy to be compared with the genius of sea change.. ill have to get the series and show it you some time