Sunday, December 17, 2006

My Name is Mud

Day Trip is over!! It started at 7am (for me at least) yesterday morning, and ended at 9:30pm when I finally finished cleaning the St Marys Centre. The day went amazingly well, it's the middle of December which is well and truly winter here and the country has been freezing into an ice cube for the last two months but yesterday was sunny and warm and there was no wind!! (This is especially impressive as the day was next to a wind-mill and there's a definite reason they put a wind-mill on that hill!!) So God pulled out something special for us...
The day continued smoothly, kids loving it, right up until about 3 o'clock when I got a call from the Vicar in Haddenham who was rather displeased about the straw from the hay bales in the centre. Managed to apollogise and assure him that it would be cleaned and we were coming back and it would all be spotless by tomorow morning but by the time I got off the fone all the wind was gone from my sails. Hence my name is mud right now with the Vicar!!
O well, day was great so Im not too stressed.

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