Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bond, James Bond

Just saw the new Bond film!! Best one I've ever seen!! Generally I don't like the Bond films at all but this one was awesome, special effects not over done, crazy stunts -there was some sweet free running in there- and just generally believable (which is rare from a Bond film) There was one torture scene which was just harsh to watch if you're a guy but Bond even manages to make a joke in there which you have to admire.
Other points of amusement in the Posse House this week is Dictionary.com's word of the day. Some words are pretty boring and I already know but the winner so far is defenestration: the act of throwing someone or something out of a window.


Marcus said...

I liked Casino Royale too, the free running stunts were amazing. I always like card game movies. Can't quite concur with the "believable" description but it was far more under-stated than the last several OO7 films.

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Zaac said...

believable in the sense that it wasn't quite "the world ends in ten seconds" kind of story line. some of the stuff was still pretty crazy tho!! saw mission impossible 3 last nite, much more of a let down, didn't get into it.

jayne said...

that's so funny,we had a quiz in work today and one of the questions was to do with defenestration!if only i'd read your blog sooner i would have impressed everyone with the right answer!sadly my only contribution was to state that dolly parton wrote 'i will always love you' - doesn't exactly enhance any stred cred!

M.E Ellis said...

Dreadlock Man,

Have a cool Christmas!


Sheila Gooday Cobbah.


Peter said...

Hi Zac, hope your Christmas was good, I hear you are staying over in England for another 6 months?? don't forget where home is.