Saturday, November 04, 2006


I work with Sith Lord Ahkmed or whatever ona couple of different youth work projects. We get along really well considering the number of times he comes running to find "the kid" who's throwing sparklers in the air or water bombs off a roof and finds me there with a sparkler bomb in my hand (actually hadnt meant to write sparkler bomb but there's an idea). WYnet are the youth work side of Wycliffe bible translators. I loved the Skit. Told Akhmed Id join WYnet purely on the basis of this video. Its that good.

Speaking of things such as sparkler bombs; I jumped over a bonfire tonite!! When I figure out how to get the video off my fone Ill put it on the blog. Was an awesome rush. (granted the fire had burnt down a lot but it was still a good two/three metre jump)

Have discovered the awesomeness of YouTube. Many Videos to follow!!

See you on the dark side


Jo said...

Hey we were working out how to do sparkler bombs this weekend as well... how weird is that... and glo stick explosions... :)

brother jordan said...

oi, thats pyscho. today for history, we studied jown, or somehting, Wycliffe, the guy in the 14th century during the reformation, and how he and his band challeneged the catholic church, and translated 170 bibles to english . . . that really is scary, that you were involved with their group a couple fo days ago . . . .

Marcus said...

How ironic, in Wycliffe's day that burnt martyrs at the stake.
In our day the young disciples leap over the bonfires, record it on their mobile phones and post it on the world wide web via You Tube.

Stu Robinson posted a video called Barbie Jackass on You Tube which he reckons is pretty good. Not sure how easy it is to find but may be worth a look.

Jacqui said...

Hi Zac,
I am at Kay and Ron's, they are at work and I have spent the day on the net catching up.
I love reading your blogs, and the comments from home.
Kyle is in Europe, in Germany at the momentbut is going to Belguim and to France. He met a french girl while they were both studying in NZ, and he has been travelling with her, I think.

Saw Josh Joannes, a couple of weeks ago, he is in this band and they had just got back from a months touring, with more to follow.

Love the new photo on Dad's new blog site.

love nan