Friday, October 27, 2006

I Want My Fone Back!!

My fone charger has been missing in action (presumed irretrievably lost) since last Friday. I left it in my room when we cleared out of the Wycliffe Centre last week and the cleaning staff did not find it when I called in the missing "persons" report. Having sent in my inside contact unsuccessfully, yesterday I went undercover to try and recover the missing unit. Posing as a Wynet-er I tagged along to a youth day and slipped off in search of my precious fone charger that was to restore my connection to the world. Sadly this venture was unsuccessful also. It would appear that the charger really has been lost to the great beyond.

Giving up on the real purpose of my visit to the centre I rejoined the Wynet-ers at the beach volleyball court where Tim and Myself took it upon ourselves as responsible, skilled youth workers to trash Ian and Pountney (the two young stars) in an exhibition match. Now, I dont want to sound vain or anything, but damn!! My serve was on fire!! High toss, two steps forward, jump and smash!! So sweet the lads barely got it back and when they did we sent it straight back at them. Is a definite high point of youth work: a big part of your job is to be bigger, smarter, faster, stronger and generally better at most fun stuff than the kids. (Ian and Pountney I count much more as mates than kids but it was still sweet to step up and smack 'em down)

On the topic I will be compiling a list of essential youth work skills, so far the top of the list is being good at pool. Contributions welcome, watch the sidebar for a growing list.

O yeah, so I am still trying to get my fone charged, Atari man has taken it for the weekend to see if he can restore life to it somehow, otherwise I will have to purchase a charger next time Im in striking range of a shopping centre.


Marcus said...

Sad news about your charger.
I saw Bruce and Jackie today, they're back from Europe, but Amy is living and working in London at the moment, and will be until January. You should try and catch up.
I think Jordan chatted with her on MSN the other night.
I'll try and get her number for you.

Essential Youthwork Skill:
Learn, remember and use kid's names, it's one of the most powerful things you can do in building relationships.
If you can't rememebr their name, try surreptitiously writing it on their forehead with a marker pen.
This is easier to do when they are asleep.

The Heir said...

spoke to amy on msn on thursday, have her number and as soon as my fone is back in action will meet up with her.
love the skill. here's one:
Negotiation, being able to negotiate a cease fire in all kinds of situations is a very handy skill. also useful for being allowed out to a party on friday nite or for gaining the use of the car for the weekend.

jordan said...

lol. im really good at pool now, so i think i could kick you hiney. oi, GEUSS WHAT?!?! the teen tent got upgraded, WEVE GOT A POOL TABLE!!!!! WOOT-Woot-SHIBY!
little brother

Joshy said...

I think as part of the list of youthwork skills, needs to be a list of the cool words to use, but also the uncool words.

I found out that bro isn't one of those words...

The Heir said...

things like woot-woot-shiby!! (?)
bro is out, bruv is the new version (at least in oxford)
Youth Jargon is a definite skill
you got a pool table eh?? sounds like fun, ill have to come over there and beat u on it some time soon...