Sunday, November 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Paulie!!

It's my little brothers birthday!! I called home for the first time in a couple (read: i lost track of the number) of weeks this morning to say Happy Birthday to Paul Levi Ablet Holt who turned 9 on the 21st November. Paulie's ten years younger than me and we get on really well. I think the bigger age gap has helped me appreciate him (and the other siblings) more. He's an energetic kid who brims with life and is constantly playing, watching or talking about sport which has earned him the nickname Sportboy on the Holtpress (Dads blog). Personally, the only nickname I will ever have for him is PP, because of the interchangeable meanings behind the letters (Princess Paulie, Posing Paulie, Paulie Poo... you get the idea) and because of the reaction it never fails to evoke from him. Namely him trying to pummel your arse while you are dying laughing. It was very funny when he was six, it may be getting less so as he gets bigger and stronger and moves towards the sport of boxing as his next hobby. As this is still some way off Ill make the most of it while I have the chance =D
I remember the morning PP was born because I woke up and walked out into the living room (wearing jocks but nothing else) to find our pastor sitting in the lounge room and Mum and Dad absent. I took immediate advantage of the situation and turned on the morning cartoons (something we were never allowed to do) whilst innocently not realising at the tender age of ten that maybe i should have gone and put some more clothes on with a guest in the house. Later my aunt came round to look after us (I cant quite remember but I like to think that we blagged the day off school to mark the occasion). Later we got to go in and see the new bub.
That's about all I can dredge up from the memory (and its certainly more than I could remember about Jordan and Sophies births) but Paulie is a great kid (so are his brother and sister for that matter) who I love loads (and again Ill add in the brother and sister to that bit).
Happy Birthday Paul!!

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PP said...

Thanks Zac! Love you heaps. Remember you still owe me $20.00. Can't wait till you come back.