Saturday, November 18, 2006

Welcome to the Dark Side

Im gonna go with the whole Hebrew idea of the day lasting from sunset to sunset or sunrise to sunrise or whatever, and still call it Friday nite (tho technically its some time Saturday morning). I did drop-in tonite over in Risboro, which is becoming one of the highlights of my week, there's something energizing about being part of a project where there is that critical mass of team and young people to really kick it off and everybody is enjoying being there. I got soaked earlier during my venture to Thame for the CU at Lord Bills. Faithfully (read: stupidly) I wore a t-shirt and jeans and put my thongs on (flip flops for the english reader). It began to tip it down as I walked out the door but at that point I was running for the bus and so endured the soaking. So tonite before drop-in I was looking through my cupboard trying to figure out what shirt to wear, tried on a couple, had a look in the washing basket, no luck, back to the cupboard at which point a genius idea smacked into my head and I pulled out my drop-in team shirt =] not a word thankyou...

Drop in was good, street work and youth clubs can be awkward at first but you get some great moments when you've pushed through that initial awkward instant and managed to connect with young people. Makes it that much easier next time too. My list of Youth Work Skills is coming on and I made good use of the parentals contribution: remember their names. Communicates that you are genuinely interested and care. There was a moment tonite with a young guy I know pretty well, we were mucking about and wrestling over a football and I accidentally caught his headfones as he pulled away and ripped one ear plug out. Potential drama alert!! He handled it superbly, the legend that he is. He very adultly told me not to worry about it, despite the obvious importance of them to him (they never leave his ears), and said it wasn't an issue at all. He gave me a high five and I told him I'd replace them over his protests that I didn't need to. It was one of those moments that could have been awkward but instead was lovely because of the Grace he showed me.

Im now listening to Soul Survivor Live 2006: Love Came Down and The Kooks Inside In/Inside Out, which have just been given me by a friend. Loving the tunes and that someone is looking after me, I love music but very rarely have the time or money to spend in obtaining it. I've boosted my itunes collection up to a whole day of music with those additions!! Not much on Lucy's 72days worth of music but still I'm impressed with my collection so far. (It also pales in comparrison to Cris' 14thousand songs!! But he lost all of that when his computer karked it the other week... poor lad)

That'll do for tonite. I think I have managed to reverse my body clock so that I now need to sleep during the day and work/be awake at nite. Suits me. The rest of the world will just have to sort themselves out. Oh, and as you may have noticed; Beta Blogger is in operation as of tonite. Any suggestions on colour schemes and general layout will be taken into consideration by Posse House management.

Welcome to the Dark Side

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Matt said...

man, it's cool you do work at youth centers, how'd you get involved up in that sort of bit?