Thursday, August 03, 2006

Moving House

I just moved house twice in one nite. I’m torn between a weary state of slumber and over-tired hyperactivity. The hyperactive choice will probably end with me burning out and twitching on the floor in a neurotic mess so sleep may have it. I had just moved back to the manor when I got a call from a guy called Collin who I had tried to call earlier when I was searching for another place to stay for a couple of weeks. So I got back on my bike and headed across the village to meet Collin and check out the house etc. An hour later I was loading my gear into the car again. So now I’ve unpacked, had a cup of tea and a chat with Collin (really good bloke) and am about to collapse into the afore mentioned weary slumber.

*I will likely as not post this in the morning as I have lost my wireless connection with the move.

**And yes, I know I would have been better off going to bed than writing this if I couldn’t post it to the morning, you have the benefit of a brain functioning without the hindrance of exhaustion to help you work that out- it only just occurred to me.


M.E Ellis said...

Popped here to leave you the quote website. At the bottom of each section is a 'next' button. Page loads of them!

Some are hilarious!

Will be back later on my blog run to read your spot today.


Zinnia said...

For me, it seems the more exhausted I am, the harder it is to go to sleep.

Marcus said...

Let us know your new address Zac.

M.E Ellis said...

Hope you settle into your new home well!


The Heir said...

hehe, im only here till the end of next week and then im on a camp and then back to the manor, i think...