Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Me in Switzerland holding a big stick

Yeah, I know, I'm awesome. I'm actually trying to load this photo into a newsletter but windows is being "helpful" (so is blogger for that matter) we'll see if it works this time... Posted by Picasa


Marcus said...

Ancient wisdom: Walk softly and carry a big stick

WV ogomo

jayne said...

wow - that is an awesome photo!i love pics like that moreso when you don't actually mean to make them look like that and end up looking like a proper photographer - ha!

The Heir said...

very suitable vord verification for that cave man comment, love it!!
yeah, i love playing with photo effects, a cool trick is leaving a dark one the way it is (provided you can see the shape and get an impression of whats in it) instead of brightening it.

Zinnia said...

Windows and Blogger together? Oh the mayhem!