Monday, June 19, 2006

Way of the Weekend: Episode 1

Here's a quick rundown of the weekend. [note: I use the word quick rather loosely]

Friday Night
6pm- Finish cafe in Wheatley and rush back to Francis' place to watch the secong half of Ivory Coast vs. Netherlands. The Dutch knock the Africans out of the world cup. (earlier in the so called Group of Death Argentina also ended world cup dreams for Serbia this time round with a stunning 6-nil win)
7ish- Head across the road to the bus stop, halfway across am nearly run over by Maria who is in Wheatley for some bizarre reason that she didn't really explain. Stop to chat for a minute until it becomes clear that she is not going to offer me a lift back to haddenham and so I ditch her for the bus.
8ish- Have dinner and exchange banter with James who has a talent for finding something pointless to argue about and sucking you into the conversation. End up bartering with him for the use of his pirate eye patch on the day trip in return for the use of my kilt.
9pm- Decide that maybe I should start to look at my talk for church on Sunday. Having made that decision I spend the rest of the night on MSN talking to people.
12am- Can't sleep, not good the night before a day trip.
1am- Still can't sleep, starting to doubt whether I will be awake for the day trip.
1.30- Drifts slowly into peaceful slumber.

Have decided to break this post in 3...

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