Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Fathers Day!!

Happy Fathers Day Dad!!

I realise it's not actually Fathers Day in Australia but I am never actually gona remember when that is so I think you are doing pretty well really. Hope you enjoyed it despite watching the Socceroo's go down, and that the others gave you presents like they are meant to. (I sent you a card but I don't know when it will arrive, it's very cool!)
It is also very close to your birthday allowing me to tie the two together thus forgetting neither one!! It's a Zac-proof plan... even I can't stuff it up... trust me; I tried.

Love you Dad!!

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Marcus said...

Thanks Zac.

Got your card today, very funny outside, very warm inside, thanks for those sentiments and good wishes.

I love you too.

Father's Day in Australia is in September, feel free to acknowledge the Antipodean calendar as well.