Sunday, January 01, 2006

A New Kitchen for the Posse House

Renovations are coming along nicely, the PosseHouse has a kitchen! And yes, it will bew kept in better order than the Palace kitchen thankyou TOM. (For those who don't know what the Palace is it's the house I lived in for six months in Tasmania, it's main trademarks are that it is situated in the middle of a park, is often mistaken for a toilet block, houses young single guys, is generally very untidy and Possums seem to visit far more often than they're welcome)
The PosseHouse Kitchen is where I shall share my culinary expertise with the rest of you ;D
... ok... maybe not quite but there is already a post with a suggestion for a meal and a menu, feel free to leave comments suggesting or providing recipes for me to experiment with.


Peter said...

Hi Zac, your renovations are taking some time, I hope this means that they are being donr with care and not that you have been slacking?
Re the recipies, just so I know your current skill levels, have you mastered the art of boiling water, this is a skill you will definitely need to make soup and........ oh..... other things.
You also must master toast making, as this becomes the only way of using up bread that has taken on the consistency of plywood and has a slightly greenish tinge to it.
If you are at the above levels you caan come and teach me some things when you return to Oz.

Jamie Dawn said...

Your Grandpa sent me over to say Hello!
I like to cook, and I LOVE to eat.
Enjoy your kitchen!