Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Welcome to the Posse House!

Welcome to the Posse House! Despite a long-standing dislike of computers I got inspired to start blogging by my Father's blog, the Holtpress, which is pretty cool. I live in the UK in Oxford with a bunch of Aussie youth workers like myself. It's a pretty sweet gig. My mate Timbolopolus came up with The Posse House as a title for The Fearless Leader's house, which more often than not gets used as our office, and the bounds of The Posse House have kind of grown to surround most of Oxfordshire so that now pretty much whenever we're in Oxford- we're in The Posse House! It came as a bit of a surprise to me how much I love England and the people here. Travelling wasn't on my agenda until very recently and that was a surprise of sorts too, so I'm learning heaps all the time both about myself and the Journey which at the moment has me chilling in The Posse House and loving it!


John said...

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Carolyn said...

The surprises never end, not only is the Possie House good, but your mother wants to make a comment! Get up off the floor Zac, yes, I said your mother!
I realise I chose the coolest lay-out but I thought you might have gone for something a bit different for yours, reflecting your age and hairstyle.
And the name, dreadlocksarenotdirtyand or something similar!

I like the bright green but I don't use it much because it's pretty hard to read.

Great writing Zach! I still can't work out how to send an email so I might have to communicate via comments on your blog. love, from Tech. challenged.

The Heir said...

Well the great thing is I can change the template and various other things at will so the template may change once or twice but this is the one I liked most. (I was aware that this might come up when I picked the template)
Good to hear from you and have fun shopping for a new car!

pauly holt said...

hi zac it is your litel brother hope you are having a grate time I want to see more of your blog love paul.

cakenetor said...

hmm, got a while to go before you can compete with dads blog, and the colourful joy of mine. chek out mi blog/website at
if there are any books worth reading, blog about 'em. love ya bro, cya

Paul said...

hi zac it is your litle brother I hope your haveing a grate time i want to see more of your blog ceep up the good werk love from paul.

Hannah Trouble said...

Hi Zaac,
I googled you to see how you are going. Its great to see you seem to be having a great time, and are going so well and far with the youthwork stuff! Plus I am sooooo jealous of your travels!
Hope this finds you well, your old dreadlocked buddy Hannah Trouble Maddrell. ;-)