Thursday, November 17, 2005

Fone Fun!

For the last three days the fone in the Posse House hasn't been ringing and no one has been able to work out why. We were still able to call out and were getting messages on the answering service but no one could ring us direct because for some reason the fone just wasn't ringing! This led to games like randomly picking up the fone, pressing talk and answering to see if someone was trying to call at the time. After three days of trying to puzzle out what was wrong some bright spark picked up the fone, found the button that says ringer and flicked it to on. "Who the hell put that button there!?!" Was the half amused-half murderous comment that followed the discovery. We've now had eight fone calls in the half hour since the fone was fixed.

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Marcus said...

Nice one boys!