Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blue Lounge Take Two

This time I managed to get into the Virgin Blue lounge and have a shower, eat their food and drink their booze. The internet took a bit longer to get onto this time around but here I am!
Spent the last two days in Canberra catching up with Liz and Flick. Was good fun. The old capital ain't too bad really, I'd done most of the sights back in two thousand so we just hung out for the most part, except for Liz dragging me to Floriade [a very manly flower festival, full of men, doing manly things] Some bloke tried to sell us a whipper snipper using the line "when was the last time you bought your dad a present?" "uhh.. fathers day. you know, like a week ago" so that didn't work so well for him. I also managed to finish watching Underbelly, discovered that I was staying in the room of a paralympian, and was introduced to the hilarity that is Eddie Izzard.
Am waiting for my flight to the Gold Coast where I meet up with Jo and then Grampa.

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