Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sleep Is For The Dead

My long running battle with sleep looked to be going my way last night. I was in bed by one, lights out by two (this may sound late but the last three weeks I haven't got to sleep before four) a couple of hours in the gym and then a couple of beers in me to ease the process. Not to be outdone, sleep sent me a headache and a restless night from which I awoke at six thirty in desperate need of a shower and morphine. I had to settle for neurofen, a shower, and back to bed. I woke up at midday with that beautiful feeling of a proper deep sleep and no headache, but sleep had still won as it had robbed me of half my day, again. Try again tonight eh.
NB: for anyone thinking of moving to Busselton for the Saturday shopping and cruisy weekend lifestyle, I can recommend not. In town this afternoon all but the bars and Hilzeez were shut by three pm, and the only thing Hilzeez had going for it was my new Zoo York tshirt and the pretty girl who served me.


jord said...


if she wasnt blonde, disregard the above comment

Zaac said...

she was blonde, and hot, and i don't give a stuff if she's your friend mate.