Tuesday, July 15, 2008


ABC showed a documentary on Lincoln Hall's climbing of mount Everest. He froze to death at twenty-eight thousand feet. But then he woke up again, at which point he was convinced he was on a boat and he had to get off. A group of climbers found him on their way to the summit, only it wasn't a boat he was trying to get off, it was a thousand foot cliff. So they get him down and fix up his frost bite, which apparently is something of a side effect of freezing to death. And a little bit later they make a documentary of the whole thing.
Here's the random link that ties together in my head the thing that I am writing about now and the thing that I want to write about next; there's a quote by Bono about Everest. Only it's not so much about Everest as it is about third world debt. Bono and someone else, possibly someone who is actually very well known but whose fame I am not aware of, were talking to Tony Blair about getting the G8 to lead the charge and forgive third world debt and Blair said something along the lines of that he was on side but that it was like staring up at Everest. Bono responded "When you see Everest, Tony, you don't look at it, you f***ing climb it"
The other person, I have discovered while checking the quote, was Bob Geldof. Who I still don't really know who is.


heth said...

how can you not know who bob geldof is??? he was the lead singer of "Boom town rats" and has since gone on to become the man behind live aid with the christmas song which featured bono. hes a major name in the fight against third world poverty mr zac. tut tut. lol. xx
ps he also raised his wifes kid/ kids after she died of a drug overdose hes pretty well known although i guess more so in england than oz.

Zaac said...

you know what i love most about your typing? it's the randomly thrown in capitals and punctuation in the middle of the rest of it.