Sunday, April 01, 2007

Spring Harvest

Got invited to go with Binnie's family to Spring Harvest over easter, had no idea what it was really but sounded like a good laugh and they had a free place so I thought why not. Just had the "briefing" about it, turns out this thing is awesome! It's across the road from the beach (and it's in Devon so I'm expecting a real beach not one of these pathetic pebble wastes of coast line) it has a whole stack of different seminars and stuff on the go, and it has entertainment options such as a cinema, football, basketball, go-karts, and quad bikes!!!! Thankyou Lord!!!! And I get to spend the whole time there with one of my best mates plus a couple of other friends who I don't get to see that often, soooooo good. I'm taking the dubious risk of driving Heths car down there as shes in Gambia for a week. My record with people lending cars in the last couple of months has not been good by any measure but Heths car is a fair bit newer and a lot less likely to break down... I hope.
Everyones back from uni at the moment, it's really cool to see people and catch up, the suns out again, weathers turned for the better, everythings falling into place for one sweet summer. The only slight downer is that my knee decided to start playing up and Binnie's injured as well so we're holding off the sport for another week or so (praying hard that we're both fit for spring harvest) but we both managed a bike ride that took us the better part of 30miles yesterday so I think we should be right.
Bit of work to get done this week so I can really enjoy the holiday, shouldn't be a worry!

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