Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Roll on the Summer

The summer has begun! Well the spring really, but England only has two seasons; summer and winter, often interspersed because basically if it's sunny in the middle of December they call it summer and if it's raining in July they call it winter. (For the antipodean readers the northern hemisphere is messed up and summer and winter are swapped around, therefore sun in December is uncommon as opposed to standard) The standard practice for celbrating any hint of sunshine in the UK is to don shorts, shirt, thongs (called flipflops as "thongs" translates to "g-string" in British society) and go sit outside and play sport for as long as the light lasts. At it's best this is until a massive 10pm, tonite we made it til quarter to 9 playing touch rugby and football on the green, it was awesome!


Jo said...

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2Peter said...

Sounds just like Tassie! Except for the thong interpretation of course.