Friday, April 06, 2007


I love Polar Bears. They are my favourite animals. I love their strength and beauty and the "personality" that I still attribute to them even tho I know that they are animals and therefore don't have "personalities" as such. However, in my head: they do. (Also in my head animals could talk in the garden of Eden and will be able to talk again in the new heaven and earth, Im not arguing this as correct theology but it's how my head works so don't mess with it) A friend sent me this link to a video of the cutest baby Polar Bear called "Knut" (no idea of the pronunciation there) and I instantly decided he would be an addition to the fictional floating house Marigold that I have decided to write stories about due to the difficulties in actually building a floating house and filling it with various animals and people.

Celebrated the summer sunshine by playing football for two hours this afternoon. Was meant to go rock climbing with Ebbie but had overlooked good friday being a bank holiday and so had to "settle" for football. First ten minutes were apalling, everyone was massively rusty and so played like a bunch of year 8 school girls until we got back into it and started playing some decent football. On the way to take Ebbie home he announced that the run down church we were passing was going to be his in nine years time, when asked for more details about this he gave some explanation that sounded vaguely like squatters rights and conning the council out of it basically. What started as an outlandish claim proceeded to become a hilarious cock and bull fantasy when we reached the crux of it. Binnie and I spent the rest of the trip laughing as Ebbie continued to expound his idea reaching new heights of fantasy and moving further and further away from reality with each new sentence, providing me with the best laugh I've had all week I believe. I love that boy!


jayne said...

hey,do you and your friend still want to come over at the end of may?

Marcus said...

Where's the story about Spring Harvest?
Come on, you've got fans to cater for remember!