Saturday, March 24, 2007


Is 18 today!! Happy birthday sister!! Scophie is the best sister I have and could want and I miss her loads. (miss the boys too but its not their birthday(s) When we were little Soph and I used to play for hours and make up games and all sorts that was great fun, we have some sweet (and v embarrassing) home video of us playing in our band, consisting of a drum made out of an upside down washing basket and a wooden spoon. I remember Soph always used to be the one who would opt to miss out on stuff, like seconds of desert or some kind of treat, if there weren't enough to go around. She has a really beautiful selfless spirit. Stuff wasn't always great between Soph and I. There were a few years in the teenage bracket that were quite nasty in fact. This is a source of disappointment and regret for me, that I didn't have the maturity and love to see my sister outside of how she impacted on my world, and that I failed to care for her and be a good big brother in the years it probly would have counted most. As we both started to grow up a bit, and especially after I moved out of home, our relationship got heaps better and now we are quite close. Whenever I go home or get hold of her on the fone we have great chats about things and it's like it was when we were little, just enjoying each others company. Particularly of late I have noticed that Scoph is growing in Wisdom and Spiritual Maturity. She has twice now (at least) given me very solid advice that I have found massively helpful. I love you Soph and hope you have an amazing day and a wonderful year full of joy and opportunity.


Marcus said...

That is really beautiful Zac, brought tears to my eyes.
We've just been out for a lovely lunch at Newtown House, followed by ice cream and a giant game of Jenga at Simmos.

We're giving Sophie a Passport for her birthday. She's set herself a goal to go travelling before she turns 21, probably more realistic and achievable than the plan to travel this summer.

Peter said...

Hi Zac, that was an eloquent post to your lovely Sister.