Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I've been sick since Sunday arvo. Some sort of cold thing that has totally sapped my energy and given me a nasty sore throat. Scored some time off work tho!! I often get strange dreams when I'm sick and this time has been no exception. Sunday nite I dreamed I was playing rugby with a bunch of people, my team was doing well but losing because for some reason all my players kept disappearing until there were just three of us in the scrum against about twelve on the other team. For some reason on of my two team mates was a girl in a skirt. Somehow this dream morphed into me fighting alongside Gandalf against two baddies, then Gandalf disappeared and it was just me using his staff and then that turned into a spear and I was was fighting a sorceress who I killed. And then I woke up. Strange stuff. Loving that I fought alongside Gandalf tho.
Am engaged in a fierce contest for top score on Solataire at the moment. Emma is presently beating me with 11168 points in 66 seconds. Nigh on impossible. I'm a whole 5 seconds behind her. Male pride at stake. Have ceased play for the day coz I am feeling like crap and no longer have access to a computer with a mouse (touchpad is useless for soataire) but will resume my efforts tomorow.

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