Saturday, February 03, 2007


Am heading into Oxford for Vertigo* tonite. Hopefully while Im there I will collect my camera off Danbo who has restored it to working order after a six month break from functioning. He says the batteries were dodgy, I can't work this out coz that was the first thing I changed!! Anyhow, Im looking forward to getting it back and pulling it out occasionally to take some pics for the blog.
At the moment Im sitting watching Scotland play England in the Six Nations and listening to Placebo. England are up by 2 points thanks to Wilkinsons annoying kicking, I'd love to see someone actually score a try tho rather than just get halfway up the field and then kicking at goal. Scottsh bloke just made a brilliant dive through the legs of the English fella trying to tackle him, and we have Englands first try in 6 years and Wilkinson, probably utterly stunned, has missed his conversion kick at goal for the first time in that period as well!! (due credit to him but he does look like a punce when he's lining up a kick). I think England have won the rugby now, shame, I was going to wear my kilt to Vertigo if Scotland won.
Started doing 2 days a week youth work for my church this week (in addition to my diploma) and am loving it. So far I've spent more time decorating the new shop than doing youth work but it's good fun none the less and I'm looking forward to the next few months with them.
Have loads to do at the moment, actually didn't see James or Alice in the last 2 weeks, blogging will probly be sporadic at best (no change from usual then) but there will probly be lots more to blog about when I do get the chance.
*Vertigo is a Youth Event run by all the churches in Oxford once a term, loads of fun!!

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Marcus said...

Should have worn it anyway Skirt Boy.