Friday, February 16, 2007


What's the dumbest thing You've done this week?
This morning I saw the train coming as I arrived at the station, I legged it and managed to get a ticket and be on the platform in time to jump on the train and avoid a 40 min wait for the next one. Pleased with myself I sat down and pulled out a book. 2 mins later the driver announced that this was the express train for London Marylebone. Stopping: London Marylebone. Period. Yeah, I laughed and all.
2 hours later after an unexpected ride into London and back out again I finally got to work and started dismantling furniture for the big move from the old office to the new shop (which is looking well good with the carpet down now and us starting to set up) From there I grabbed a video at blockbusters and headed home to set up for the impromptu movie nite I had organised for the church youth in light of drop in not being on over half term. I managed to have a shower, talk on MSN, cook dinner, deal with infernal smoke alarm (nothing to do with dinner I swear) and rearrange the house all more or less at the same time, who says men cant multi-task?!? (next step: multi-task without burning dinner)
Watched Zoolander, an "old" classic that was pulled out as most of the crowd hadnt seen it and so had to be educated. It was a bit shorter than I remember it being so the older lot stood in the kitchen and talked while the young crew trashed the house or something, I dont know, I havent checked the damage yet... The kitchen convo was extremely entertaining, the highlight of our banter was someone asking what they could "come down with" to get out of work tomorow, the instant brilliant response was "syphilous"
In other news, a drunk Aussie has jumped in the sea and wrestled a four foot bronze whaler shark onto the jetty in a stroke of genius (or stupidity, depending on how you look at it) Full Story Here


Carolyn said...

David Pountney? "Never 'eard of 'im!"

Peter said...

While I may or may not have ever been drunk, I have certainly never been that drunk!!!

Marcus said...

Great story, Total idiot!