Monday, December 04, 2006

Blog Management

As I promised yesterday, a report on the weekend is coming. However the lack of sleep and "negotiations" with Google, which may be nearing an end are preventing me giving it the time it deserves. I managed to add my Google Account and change some of the blog management settings so at least my headaches with swapping between accounts may be over finally!!
Small update: am trialing a new accent after being told on the weekend that I am losing mine. The new creation is something of a mix of Scottish, Irish, Northern English, and Aussie. I quite like it and it's definitely providing everyone else with entertainment. Im giving tribute to Ians sister whose mix of 12 or so different accents, including South African and a Southern American drawl in with an Irish twang, has everyone in utter confusion constantly. Mine was vitoed at cell tonite when I used it to read the bible passage and nobody could focus on what it actually said coz they were laughing too hard!!


duckyus maximus said...

i think you meen veto?
hmmm . . . sounds strangely similair to when mum talks

Marcus said...

I think it's just about time you came home!

M.E Ellis said...