Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Negotiations with Google

I think it Googled up my head, damnit!! I can't work this out at all, I have two Google accounts (I think) one for email and one for blogger (initially I tried to create the email account through my google blogger thing but it wouldn't let me so I created a seperate account for email) where it gets really confusing is that they both have the same password and I seem to sign into both automatically and then am unable to distinguish which one is which or to merge them into one to end the confusion altogether!! Added to this it keeps changing my display name so that I'm really unsure of which account for what. I may have to invite myself to become a team member on my own blog to sort it thoroughly, possibly create an alter ego self... now that could really get confusing.

In the mean time, the cold from hell has gone, it engaged one last ditch attempt to destroy my body last nite with a fever and headache and general inability to sleep. In the midst of said battle I found a packet of paracetamol in my bathroom cupboard, which was only slightly annoying after spending most of one nite last week scouring the entire house for anything that even slightly resembled pain killers unsuccessfully (except for a disolvable kids panadol thing that looked like it was half a decade out of date and tasted like I pee'd orange into a cup) But I won the battle at about midnite and slipped into my most restful sleep in a week.

I'm happy today. Not really sure why. Just am. Maybe it's coz the colds gone. Maybe it's just a good day. I did have a hilarious back and forth series of comments with MEELLIS from the Nutters Gang this morning which has kept me in good spirits. I also spoke to my little brother Jordan on skype which is always fun too. It's a good day. I'm happy.


city girl said...

i am glad yoo feel better!!

M.E Ellis said...

Hee hee!