Sunday, October 01, 2006

Nite Owl

It's 2:30am, Sunday morning. What am I doing awake?? I'm writing my talk for church 2moro evening. I have a habit of leaving things to the last minute (tho I have made a commitment to myself never to write a talk or complete an equivalent task in the last few hours again) so Im writing my talk the nite before.
Seems to work ok for me because Im a nite owl and because I get some space and time at nite to focus, there's not much around to distract you from work at 2 in the morning other than bed.

This Week:
I signed up for My Space which is a network of teenagers (mostly) from around the world. It has two great benefits so far, 1- you can listen to music from heaps of bands who have a site and put some songs on the net to promote themselves (im a regular visitor to the Kooks My Space as of last Wednesday) 2- it's put me in touch with two awesome people who ive been missing, my little sister and my best mate from when I was about 5 Josh who moved back to America about 8 years ago.

Youthblog and Waiter are my regular reads at the mo.

I did my first nite as a Bouncer on friday at the Band with No Name gig. Spent most of the nite pressed between the stage and a mob of screaming teenage girls. Was especially cool coz a few of us had got to meet the band at dinner the nite before, cool by association points are going through the roof. I finished the nite by talking to about 10 kids for an hour or so about the talk Chip gave at the end of the gig and about life in Risborough. Was kind of affirming for my Youth Work ego that we had to be kicked out of the back room coz they were trying to close up and the kids just wanted to hang out some more. (probably more of a testament to how little there is to do in Risborough for these kids normally and how much they loved the gig and meeting some people who are actually interested in them)

Must mention Street Wars. These guys will be on the side bar as soon as I get a spare minute to play with the blog again (so some time in the next decade with any luck) but they run a 3 week long wide game. Me and Andy both were in the moment we heard those words. Basically you have to assassinate a target with a water pistol or bomb, if successful you get their target as your new mark. No more words necessary to tribute their genius... a moments silence and respect please.

Anyhow must get back to work... see you on the dark side!!

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Carolyn said...

Hi Zach! If you haven't read Miss Cam's travel blog for a few days, have a look. Entries 8,9 and 10 are hilarious! Jord will be home on Tues. Have you changed your name or was that a typo on your Dad's comments? LOve you and miss you, Mum.