Sunday, September 10, 2006

Back Into It

Started to really gear back into things today. Have decided that my week starts with Sunday, Saturday is my sabbath day of rest (as I often am involved in leadership at church and sometimes have to visit churches for work) and everything starts again on Sunday. So this morning I dragged myself out of bed and to church for what felt like the first time properly in a long time. Then came home for lunch, we're often treated to a great Sunday "Dinner", which involves a roast and some awesome pudding and this week was no exception, even better, the Childs boys came too and thats a double bonus coz they're fairly entertaining and Ian's one of my best mates.
At some point of the afternoon I took the plunge back into assignments and have just finished one off now (far earlier than I was expecting in fact!!). Went to Mosaic where Ian and I cooked up a plan to welcome the new youth worker from St Mary's Haddenham. He introduced her and then tested out her youth working skills by getting her to run the ice breaker for the nite on no notice whatsoever, she recovered quickly and then played quite a good version of paper scissors rock. I was reasonably impressed. It has made me think that I should pick 2 that I can pull out on short notice if needed, just in case...
Back to the doctors to change the bandage on my knee tommorow, will try and get a photo of it, it was wonderful on Thursday, very pretty sight.
Must sleep now


M.E Ellis said...

Hope your knee is ok!

Here's that link:

You can pick up the html code there if you wanted the trailer on your blog. You'd have to go to 'edit html' on your new post and paste the html there, then hit compose again and publish. It'll pop up on screen then.

Much obliged for your help!

Keep well!


Marcus said...

Pushover is my ace in the hole, followed closely by the 1 2 3 4 finger grabbing game, bot sure fire winners every time.

Keen to see the knee pics.