Monday, September 18, 2006

Back in the Office

Im back in the office. I went to cell and as we were leaving, I was supposed to be giving people lifts home, the car wouldn't start. Has happened before. Got the jump leads out. Nothing. No battery charge at all. Battery is gone. Nothing doing.
So Ian ran people home quickly, fortunately one of the girls also drove and was already taking half the people I was going to so I didn't have to go so far out of the way. And I came to crash at the office. I'll have to try and sort the car battery tomorow.
It's funny, I don't feel guilty but I feel bad that I wasn't able to run people home, it's a job I quite enjoy doing as it gives you a chance to chat. I guess it's just not the best way to end the night. Luckily there are some comfy sofas at the office.


Marcus said...

Sounds like the car's not the only thing with flat batteries!!
Look after yourself Zac, more youthworkers burn-out than most other professions!

Saw Al a couple of weeks ago, we went to a men's night at a church in Wangara, it was very good.

Marcus said...

PS Grandpa wants you to adjust your settings so that anyone can comment cause since he changed to beta blogger he can't leave comments.