Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Week... Is Over!!

Oh my word, what a week!! It was wikid, but I am very gald I can sleep now...
What happened:
Sunday- had lunch and saw Superman returns in Aylesbury with James. I told him I'd take him if he finished all his coursework on time, he did impressively well. Sonja informs me that the training nite for the day trip is 2moro nite and not Thursday like I thought (and had just told 30 people)
Monday- Spend half the day preparing for the training nite which I wasnt exoecting until Thursday. Saw the physio re. my knee, he gave me some exercises (must remember to start doing them sometime). Ran the training nite, my predictably perfect organisational skills mean everything goes according to plan (ummmmm... well, not too far off anyway) and somehow we manage to start 15mins late and end 15mins early (hmmmmm... what can I say? it's a gift). Then have a meeting with my new resources man for day trips which is great but means i dont get home until 10.30
Tuesday- spend half a day at work and then nick off early for Mark and Megans joint birthday up at Wendover woods. Head back to Heathers place where the party continues and ends with us lying on the lawn all nite talking and playing games until 4 in the morning at which point 2 things happen: 1- everybody (with the exception of Andy) decides to go to sleep. 2- Andy, who has been waiting for this moment all nite, decides that he is going to keep us awake at any cost. This involved stacks on me, singing a brilliant song the chorus to which is "Second verse, same as the first, a little bit louder and a lot lot worse!", and standing over Heather and Megan for a good 5 mins screaming.
Wednesday- I dont really remember too much of Wednesday other than that Andy left at 6am and I got 3 hours of blissful slumber until 9 when I woke up feeling mank as the sun had come out and cooked my damp body (sleeping outside is awesome but you get wet even if it doesnt rain) into an agitated, twitching state that had to be carried inside for breakfast... oh yeah, and I didnt go to work, a rather wise piece of foresite meant I booked in a day off.
Thursday- I dont really remember much of Thursday either except it was HOT. Theres been a heat wave on for two weeks, 35 degrees everyday in an upstairs office with no insulatin or windows... uhhgghh!!
Friday- cafe in Wheatley did not go exactly to plan. With a grand total of 4 kids who informed us that skool had finished at 12.15 and everybody had nicked off already. Spent another couple of hours up at Wendover that nite. Played Killer Vortex with Andy, involves pegging a vortex at one another from about ten paces in the dark, great game, I had the better dodge, he had the better throw.
Saturday- Day trip day!! and after 2 solid weeks of heat wave: it rained. Now I'm not talking a little sun shower, it pissed it down!! Reorganised the day trip into something that possibly could have been entertaining if you were on drugs... turns out a lot of the kids on the day were on drugs... (need to give a large amount of the credit for the success of this too Matt who is amazing and who I am going to drag back from uni everytime i ever do a day trip again). Threw Maria in the pool. Was then thrown in the pool by 5 boys who had been waiting for a decent excuse to throw anyone in all afternoon. And now, several hours later, I am sitting in my kilt falling asleep in front of the computer... the week is done!!


Marcus said...

Ah the joys of killer vortex!!
One of the most memorable chaplains PD days ever was made that way by the game of killer vortex played at lunchtime. Heads were fair game, goolies were protected and chaplains dropped like flies! Mind you, we had more sense than to stand 10 metres apart, 25 was about our range. Don't know why we've never done it since, it was huge.

Shame about the weather change for the day trip.

I'm going to bed now, Don't ring, you missed your chance, I've been expecting your call for a couple of hours!!


See ya

Love Dad

Peter said...

Sounds like a pretty normal week Zac!!!!

Marcus said...

I need your address to send form to.


M.E Ellis said...

Glad you had fun!