Saturday, July 29, 2006


I'm really tempted to post 2nite, especially since i left a couple of comments promising a post on dads blog already, but its after midnite and this post needs more time than i can give it now so you'll have to wait till tomorrow (or sunday probably if youre in Oz)
Im having a really good but also challenging time at the moment. I am enjoying what I do immensely but also am frustrated with certain aspects of youth work and programs and people. My journal and my blog (hopefully in that order) should get a work out this weekend.
More tomorrow.


Marcus said...

You big tease Zach!!!!

The Heir said...

u love it

wazza said...

Gidday Zac, You're living dangerously stating that you thought the woman driver joke was true...hum even though I said "although" in my post.
What did you think of "Superman Returns"? I quite enjoyed it and thought
it was as good or equal to the original with Christopher Reeve movie.

wazza said...

Zac you gotta remember he's Superman, so he can't (?) die yet. DC Comics killed (for real) Superman off in the comics some years ago but after a few years later realized what they had done (and maybe sales had dropped,too) so they brought him back. The boy was/is too young to take over the reins yet!! Yeah I had a problem with the Lois Lane thing too, as in the comics and I think in the 2nd Christopher Reeve movie (which was also fairly good, but the 3rd was terrible and the 4th was shit) Lois and Clark got married.
Haven't see Pirates 2 yet. Wasn't too wrapped with the preview. There's been some bad reviews (not that these can be taken as gospel) and one of the guys at work thought it was rather boring, while another said it was just okay, so don't know might wait until it comes out on DVD. Isn't it out in London yet? or is it that you just haven't had the chance to go & see it.