Monday, July 17, 2006


I believe I vaguely promised to post the rest of the trip to Switzerland a while back... as I have been discovering lately; nothing I say is set in stone. For instance, when I told 30 people last nite that there was a training nite for the day trip on Thursday, 20mins later Sozza comes and tells me that the training nite is on Monday and I have no idea what I'm talking about, as Monday nite stirred some vague memories (and later my diary confirmed) that indeed I didnt have a clue what I was talking about. And so if I should happen to say that I will post the rest of my trip to Switzerland... it probably wont happen. On the other hand, if Sozza were to say I was going to...

So this is me (the bloke with dreads), Mim (stripey shirt), Wes (or Vessle, as we like to call him) is in between us and to the left of me is Chris (he's American but the Swiss adopted him so thats ok) and we're standing in the middle of a stream in the Swiss Alps after stopping to dunk our heads in water that made ice feel like steam. From there we drove down to St Moritz for a guitar workshop and lunch with Phil Keaggy. Mim managed to time his conversation with Phil so well that we actually sat with him and his wife at lunch -I dont wanna hear it dad- and then Mim put his hand up to play with Phil at the end of the workshop when all the Swiss guys were too nervous to do so. Mim didn't know the chords, played completely out of time and must have looked like a complete muppet to the Swiss guys. However he was a muppet with way bigger balls than they had and he got to live a dream of playing (i do use the word playing loosely) with one of his hero's. Posted by Picasa

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