Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Justice Chronicles

Cpn Justice (see a previous introductory post) has blessed cyber space with a record of his continuing adventures as he takes on life in the wild heart of Tasmania. Also known as The Po.
The Cpn left England shortly after the new year and will be gone for 6 months (at least... maybe longer...) Life in the Po means 180 degrees of mountain views and another 180 degrees of the valley, pure mountain stream water delivered through every tap and a golf course and pool to boot. On top of all this the Cest, which contains the Gorge (need to think of an appropriately magnificent name for the gorge) in all its glory, is a mere 45 minutes away (28minutes if the Chief's-Chiefs identity is protected for legal reasons-driving) and is also home to Chicken Feed, where you can purchase a decent pair of sunnies for a mere 8bucks -thats about 3 pounds!- and enough out of date sustenance, doesn't really qualify as food, to feed you for a month at the same price it would normally cost you to feed yourself for a week. First month of c4 was awesome!
Anyway, the Cpn's got a bit of a blog happening that's worth looking at click there ---> ***** to take a look...


Marcus said...

Good to have you blogging again Zac. I enjoyed reading some of Capt. Justice's blog too.
Jordy has started a blog, I'll post the address in a couple of days.

Enjoy yourself.

Work hard.

Love Dad

Marcus said...

Hi Zac
You may have caught up with this news already if you've read my blog but Bill Read died last night of a heart attack.
Very sudden and a real shock to everyone, especially Louisa.
Pray for them.

Take care
Love dad

The Heir said...

I'll be praying

Peter said...

Hi Zac, nice to see you back in print>

matt spencer said...

hey zac,
big matt from mission here. go you big red fire engine. i finally have an email to which if you want to write you can. it's
keep well and safe and write anytime.
God bless,
matt spencer