Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Mouse in the Posse House

Yesterday the Fearless Leader made an entertaining discovery, we have a mouse that has moved into the Posse House. This doesn't bother me much after living in the Palace for six months. (The Palace is a house in a park in Poatina, Tasmania which is often mistaken for a toilet block and where mice are the least of your worries compared to the Possums who are regular visitors- more on the Palace later). The Fearless Leader wasn't too phased by this development either... Mrs Fearless on the other hand is apparently not so fearless when it comes to small rodents in her house.
So of course there was an initial attempt to squash MouseMan with one of Fearless Leaders boots as he had chosen a rather exposed hiding place but when that proved unsuccessful we moved on to Plan B; the Humane Mouse Trap.
As you can see from the picture the mouse runs in through the gate attracted by the food inside but when the trap is tilted by the mouses weight the gate swings shut. When the mouse tries to turn around and walk back out the gate is held shut by the prongs which are by that stage stuck under the trap.
Now, my bet is that this thing was really invented by some kid who wanted a live mose to "play" with, cos letting the mouse go wasn't the first option that enterred my mind or the most appealing. Look out MouseMan, the Posse House is boobie trapped!


Marcus said...

I'm barracking for the mouse.

The Heir said...

Good to know who your friends are isn't it?