Monday, November 21, 2005

Happy Birthday!!!

It's Paul and Walter's birthday today! I should probably explain that Paul is my youngest brother who turned 8! And Walter is married to my Nan, so I guess that makes him a step something but I just call him Walter or "Poor Walter" when the occaision call's for it, which it often does. I'm quite proud to call him my Opa, (German for grandpa), when, as is often the case; I can't be bothered explaining the whole story. (This is the case now if you were wondering). I'm not sure how old Walter is but it's probably somewhere between 67 and 73.
Happy Birthday Boys! Have a great year and hopefully I'll catch up with you before the next one passes!
*My real Grandpa lives in Queensland and has a cool Blog called Holtie's House, check it out.


Grandpa said...

Wow plugs from O'seas Zac, thanks for the link.
Sounds like you are settling into the globetrotting lifestyle very well.
Regarding "Marcus The Pedantic" and his spelling, you are one of many who have felt the barb of his pedantasy, He will love that one,
The late Andrew Jackson, (US President) said; "It's a damn poor mind that can only think of one way to spell a word"
He was immeadiatley elevated to hero status by me.
NOT a good idea to change the spelling in your blog name, you tend to dissappear from the screen.
Hope you will recognize me as peter if I forget to change the name to grandpa.

The Heir said...

Yeah, I figured it was early enough in my blogging career to get away with it as I'm pretty sure that up to this point my family are the only ones who visit it. Pedantasy, that will drive him nuts, I love it!

Marcus said...

immeadiatley dissappear! aaagggghhh
You'll both drive me to pedanticide!

Glad to have tracked you down Posse Man

WV mmmexxei almost one for you Pop

The Mexican said...

Can't quite go along with pedantacide, that conjers up an image off taking out a whole race, just for a bit off bad gramer, far to cerious, just pedant away piecefuly.
I kinda like, oawat