Monday, November 28, 2005

Dream World

On Friday night I was on a skype to theDarling, one of the PoaPosse in Oz, and she told me that she had had a dream that myself and Hero had cut our dreadlocks off. Then she woke up and remembered that Hero had cut her dreads off in April this year and THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL that my dreads are gona be cut off anytime soon!!!! Having reassured her that I stilll had my dreads we talked for a bit and then went to sleep.
I awoke from a nightmare that night in which I had cut off my dreads!!!! The effect of which was that I actually looked good in a strange way, with one or two strategically placed dreads left uncut and blending into a new hair style, but thats beside the point!!!! I woke up and nervously felt my hair which, to my great relief, was still knotted and matted into my treasured dreadies. Retaining my dreads was a minor relief but the dream has sparked a series of weird and scary dreams over the weekend which have been vividly odd.
Last nite I found myself building Youth Cafe's in an amusement park and then riding a BMX bike on a massive ramp that jumped up to a platform where I collected Christmas presents for friends and family from a huge pile, put them in my backpack, hopped back on my BMX and jumped off the platform back on to the ramp and rode away.
Needless to say with strange dreams I haven't been sleeping amazingly for a few nights. I'm not particularly worried about any hidden meanings in the dreams as they weren't those kind of dreams but at the same time I love my sleep and when it's interrupted I'm not a happy chappy. I think I can fairly blame theDarling for this series of dream world oddities, and I'm hoping that last night saw the last of them.


Marcus said...

Remember God speaks through dreams: warnings, prophecies, directions!

Mum said...

It's probably something you ate for dinner.

The Heir said...

I'll give you direction's! Watch it TOM or I'll dig up some photo's of YOU with long hair!